Successful Accessibility Compliance - Everyone's Goal

Successful Accessibility Compliance - Everyone's Goal
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The Architect and design professional is responsible for coordinating a vast array of information into the finished project. Looking back over the design from a fresh perspective always helps us be sure our client’s goals are met and we have produced a quality product. Access compliance is one of these elements not to be avoided. Missing it can be a costly challenge for years to come. Understanding it and meeting the needs benefits the client from several perspectives, ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the public and a job well done by the design team. We will visit an array of codes, ordinances and laws affecting accessibility and discuss procedures to better address compliance in your projects. Most of all, we can learn from challenges others have had over the years and gain from their experiences.

Intended Audience: Professional Engineers, Professional Architects and Emerging Professionals looking to add to their resumes

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Includes 1 test to earn Continuing Education Credits.

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Presenter(s):Michael Love, AIA